Be a Facilitator

Cohort 10 TrainingBecoming a Promoting Respect Workshop Facilitator is a wonderful, rewarding experience in many ways.

  • You will have the opportunity to meet and make friends with people from all different aspects of the Mankato community.
  • You will have the chance to spend time in the schools and interact with wonderful teachers and students.
  • You will learn more about diversity and facilitation. 

Apply - You may call our Education Director, Kuma Takamura at 507-351-7713 or email him at for further information. 

Selection Process - Prospective facilitators are interviewed and, if selected for further consideration, will have a background check conducted.  We look for sincerity, someone that is comfortable speaking and that has a passion for building a community where everyone is welcome and respected.

Training - prospective facilitators complete a course that trains them about diversity, how to deliver the approved curriculum, protocol for being in our schools, etc.  The training includes workshops and hands-on activities and practice doing the workshops with one another as the "class."

2013 Outreach - Elementary Group

Facilitating - with training complete, you will be provided with access to an online scheduler where you can sign up to facilitate upcoming workshops at area schools.  Available dates and times are posted weeks in advance, you will receive a notification in your email, you click the link in the email, login and indicate which dates/times work for you.  We encourage all facilitators to do a variety of grade levels.

The Education Director will pick two facilitators for each session from those that are available. If you are selected, you will receive an email notification.  You are encouraged to meet with your co-facilitator for 30 minutes prior to your workshop session to get to know one another and to go over the lesson so you both feel prepared.  You may meet your co-facilitator at the school (usually at the main office or library) 30 minutes prior to the first session you are doing.  You will find your classroom and conduct the workshop.  The classroom teacher will have prepared the students and will be ready to go!  The students will be excited to see you.

After the workshop is done, you will go to the scheduler and complete an evaluation, letting the GMDC know how the workshop went.  The teacher will also evaluate the session.

Each year, you will have access to refresher training as well as a library of books, videos and other resources.


Facilitators receive a small stipend for each classroom workshop.