Executive Committee:  Executive committee duties are based on providing organizational direction on behalf of the board and advising the board on decisions and business matters ranging from strategy planning, policy, and finances. The executive committee advises the Board of Directors in order to support its decision-making processes.

  • Current membership: Cindy McCabe, Board President; Mohamed Alsadig, Past President; Executive Committee Members At-large, Tom Flunker and Kinney Eberhart; Bukata Hayes, Executive Director and Kuma Takamura, Education Director. 


Education Committee: The Education Committee oversees the Prejudice Reduction Workshop program. They review and update curriculum and assist in interviewing new facilitators. This committee also provides a link between the PRW program and facilitators with the schools and school personnel.

  • Current membership: Heather Mueller, MAPS Director of Teaching and Learning; Jean Haar, MNSU, Mankato, Dean of College of Education; Kuma Takamura, Education Director; John Dorn, community representative; Marcy Koch, Elementary Counselor/District 77 representative; Emily Kracht, MAPS ELL/Spanish;and  Mary Lou Kudela, facilitator representative.


Ad-Hoc Committees: Ad-hoc committee members provide leadership to support special projects.

  • Diversity Gourmet Series Committee: This committee was formed as a fund raiser and a friend raiser by inviting the community to share food and customs of different cultures. 
    • Current membership: Cathy Brennan, Mohamed Alsadig, Kinney Eberhart, Tara Snilsberg, Bukata Hayes