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Your donation provides promoting respect education in Southern Minnesota communities for children and adults. We reach approximately 13,000 people each year in the Greater Mankato area with our message of "respect for all regardless of differences." This message lays a foundation for a community where the attitudes and actions of its community members foster mutual respect so that all can fully participate. When all our residents have access and opportunity to the things that can make their lives better, we become an even greater community.

Our mission of providing diversity education as a catalyst for social and economic success is affirmed when you support the Diversity Council financially. Your contribution allows us to continue the important work of building a more inclusive and welcoming community! Please consider donating to the Diversity Council today.

One of our diversity facilitators asked a class of Mankato 3rd graders if they had any stories about discrimination or any examples they could give. 

"A young girl, wearing a traditional Muslim headdress raised her hand and said in a soft voice that she had been teased, called names and stared at.  She had even been hit, just for having darker skin and wearing the clothes she was wearing.  Her eyes filled with tears.  When I looked concerned for her, she looked right into my face and said "But not here, not in Mankato!  Here everyone is so good to me, they smile and they sit by me at lunch.  We love it here." 

Isn't that the kind of community we want for all of the children who live here?

The Greater Mankato Diversity Council is making a difference - and there is still work to be done.  And we very much need your help!

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