MLK Past Pathfinder Award Recipients

Past Pathfinder Award Recipients


2018 Pathfinder Award                                Diana Joseph

2018 Young Pathfinder Award                    Lauren Senden

2018 Business Pathfinder Award               Cambria


2017 Pathfinder Award                               The REACH Youth Drop-In Center


2016 Business Pathfinder Award              MRCI Workforce Center                                                                                         

2016 Young Pathfinder Award                   Elora Greiner

2016 Pathfinder Award                               Bud Lawrence


2015 Business Pathfinder Award              Imperial Plastics                                                                                      

2015 Young Pathfinder Award                   Kos Adam

2015 Pathfinder Award                               David Burgess


2014 Business Pathfinder Award              Sodexo                                                                        

2014 Young Pathfinder Award                   Mankato East Student Council, Executive Board

2014 Pathfinder Award                               Bev Mountain


2013 Business Pathfinder Award              HyVee                                                        

2013 Young Pathfinder Award                   Loyola Catholic School (Fair Trade School)

2013 Pathfinder Award                               Scott Fee


2012 Business Pathfinder Award              Lloyd Management Inc.                

2012 Young Pathfinder Award                   Zeynab Omar

2012 Pathfinder Award                               Wilbur Neuschwander-Frink


2011 Business Pathfinder Award              The Free Press                                                                         

2011 Young Pathfinder Award                   Dr. Avra Johnson

2011 Pathfinder Award                               Adam Osman


2010 Business Pathfinder Award              The Coffee Hag                                     

2010 Young Pathfinder Award                   Lisa Spieker and Sally Kvebak

2010 Pathfinder Award                               Aish Ali


2009 Business Pathfinder Award              Coughlan Companies                                                          

2009 Young Pathfinder Award                   Megan  Maloney

2009 Pathfinder Award                               KMSU


2008 Business Pathfinder Award              Hahn Huy Phan and Eide Bailly                                                       

2008 Young Pathfinder Award                   Akram Mohamed

2008 Pathfinder Award                              Center for Earth Spirituality and Rural Ministry


2007 Business Pathfinder Award             Mankato Clinic                                                                        

2007 Young Pathfinder Award                   none

2007 Pathfinder Award                              Steve Oachs


2006 Business Pathfinder Award             Champions of Diversity, Greater Mankato Diversity Council      

2006 Young Pathfinder Award                  Nick Burkhart

2006 Pathfinder Award                              Ed Waltman


2005 Business Pathfinder Award             Immanuel-St. Joseph’s Mayo Health Systems

2005 Young Pathfinder Award                  East High School Diversity Club and Melissa Melendez

2005 Pathfinder Award                              YWCA


2004 Business Pathfinder Award             Charley Sadaka                                                                                         

2004 Young Pathfinder Award                  Mankato West SHINE

2004 Pathfinder Award                              Mary Lou Kadela


2003 Business Pathfinder Award             Mankato Ford                                                                           

2003 Young Pathfinder Award                  Tina Gee

2003 Pathfinder Award                             Linda Javens


2002 Young Pathfinder Award                 Road to Understanding

2002 Pathfinder Award                             Nithy Javahar Sevanthinathan


2001 Pathfinder Award                            Multicultural Resource Center

2000 Pathfinder Award                            Marian Anderson

1999 Pathfinder Award                            Eunice Simonson

1998 Pathfinder Award                            Lorraine Hansen

1997 Pathfinder Award                            Robert Barrett

1996 Pathfinder Award                            Kate Marten and East Side Jr. Civitan

1995 Pathfinder Award                            Gladys Neiman and Claire Faust and Minnesota Valley Regional Library

1994 Pathfinder Award                            Erma Beinke

1993 Pathfinder Award                            Althia deGraft-Johnson and Hand-Maid Sweets (Charles Cantale)

1992 Pathfinder Award                            Charlie Beck and Jim Buckley and Mary Dowd

1991 Pathfinder Award                            David Sullivan and Blue Earth County Human Services

1990 Pathfinder Award                            Larry Gaffin and Bud Lawrence

1989 Pathfinder Award                            John Considine and SSND

1988 Pathfinder Award                            Michael Fagin and Mary Lofy and Welcome Inn