WRITE on RACE Community Journaling Initiative



WRITE on RACE to be RIGHT on RACE community journaling initiative, a copyrighted process and program, challenges you to critically WRITE about RACE and its impact upon our individual and collective lives. Participants are asked to honestly dialogue with one another in an attempt to be RIGHT on RACE in their community or organization. Through writing and discussing RACE honestly and courageously, we will form active relationships on RACE that will assist us in being actively non-racist in our thoughts, words, and deeds!


This process is intended to prepare individuals to have greater capacity and consciousness to be open to new emerging ways of seeing and being in community as it relates to race, white privilege, white supremacy, and racism. The avoidance of having meaningful conversations about race allows well-meaning individuals to take the passive bystander or observer approach. The power of creating active relationships on race occurs when we allow our heads and hearts to authentically engage with each other. This will be carried out using the practice of journal writing for reaction, introspection, and reflection; And community harvest sessions to dialogue, catalogue, and co­create. This takes time and commitment. This initiative allows participants the ability to practice and develop skills in reflecting upon and communicating their inner thoughts, truths and perspectives about race, white privilege, white supremacy and racism in their personal lives and the community or organization.


Participants will be reviewing relevant data on a variety of social and economic indicators, that will reveal where the community or organization may be falling short in meeting the needs of its' diverse members, and to inform and direct future efforts at combating these disparate impacts. There will be an increased awareness and ownership that will spur desire to make systemic changes for the betterment of everyone. 


The original WRITE on RACE to be RIGHT on RACE community journaling initiative was a two-year effort. The process of Quarter Theme, 6 Prompt Topics, and then Harvest Session repeated over the two years of this initiative. There were a total of 8 Quarter Themes, 48 Prompt Topics and 8 Harvest Sessions. The Prompt Topics were emailed every two weeks within a quarter. Each Prompt Topic was material that participants were asked to think through, engage with, and journal on over that two-week interval. The prompts and harvest sessions were organized by themes that began with the historical context of race, the social impacts of this history, then examined how these continue to be born out in the current racial disparities around criminal justice, education, income, health, and housing.


This two-year model can be adjusted to the time commitment and topic areas that best suit the needs of each community or organization. 


Learn more about WRITE on RACE by contacting Bukata Hayes at bhayes@mankatodiversity.org or calling 507-385-6652.