WRITE on RACE Overview



Welcome to the WRITE on RACE to be RIGHT on RACE community journaling initiative!


This two-year initiative will challenge us to critically WRITE about RACE and its impact upon our individual and collective lives. We will be asked to honestly dialogue with one another in attempt to be RIGHT on RACE in our community. Through writing and discussing RACE honestly and courageously, we will form active relationships on RACE that will assist us in responding to RACE and racial incidents as ONE cohesive community!


Each quarter of the WRITE on RACE Initiative will have a quarter theme. The "prompt" topics you will be asked to journal on will reflect that quarter's theme (outline below). At the end of that quarter, we will gather as a collective to engage in dialogue regarding those "prompt" topics, in what are called "harvest" sessions. These "harvest" sessions will develop collective dialogue threads (discovered and co-created through dyad discussions, small group exchange and large group dialogue) that will be reported back to WRITE on RACE participants and shared with our community as a means of an update on the initiative.


WRITE on RACE to be RIGHT on RACE community journaling initiative (2 year effort)

  • Quarter Theme 

  • Prompt Topic
  • Prompt Topic
  • Prompt Topic
  • Prompt Topic
  • Prompt Topic
  • Prompt Topic
  • Harvest Session

  • This process of Quarter Theme, 6 Prompt Topics, then Harvest Session will be repeated over the two years of this initiative. There will be a total of 8 Quarter Themes, 48 Prompt Topics and 8 Harvest Sessions in this two year engagement.

  • The Prompt Topics will be released every two weeks within a quarter. Each Prompt Topic release will occur on Monday at 12 noon

  • Each Prompt Topic will be material that we are asking you to think through, engage with and journal on over that two-week interval. It is not material that we expect to be journaled on in one sitting. An anticipated time commitment to think through, engage with and journal on each prompt topic is 90 minutes or more during that two-week interval between Prompt Topics release.

Throughout this effort, you will be continually encouraged to progress from mentally examining (from the head) the "prompt" topics to also emotionally experiencing them (from the heart). To this end, we will consistently ask you to ponder three guiding questions as you journal - 1) What do you see? (observation), 2) What do you think? (analysis), and 3) What do you feel? (emotional reaction). These guide posts will act as suggestions for journaling and are not required as simply questions to be quickly answered each time.  They are there to assist you in moving from analytics to engaging your emotional response to each issue raised. The power of creating active relationships on RACE occurs when we allow our heads and our hearts to authentically engage with each other.


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