STEM Equity Program

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics)

Paper TowerThrough a Federal Perkins grant, and by working with South Central College and the South Central Service Cooperative, the Greater Mankato Diversity Council developed a curriculum to promote STEM careers for girls and boys.  Diversity Council STEM facilitators visit 7-12th grade science classes and present the curriculum, which focuses on breaking gender stereotypes and introducing STEM as fun, useful, and important for the future of this country. They also conduct STEM presentations with adult audiences.

Following is a synopsis of each grade's program

·    7th grade: dissects general gender bias. Several science "magic" activities are performed. 

·    8th grade: disproves the myth that girls are not good at STEM.

·    9th grade: illustrates that math is fun and found everywhere in our lives. Student are challenged with several fun math brain teasers.

·     10th grade: shows how physics can help people and can make the “impossible” possible. Students experience several hands-on experiments and watch cool videos.

·     11th grade: depicts a prominent female technologist in the computer/internet/cell phone world. Students simulate how network/internet/texting work.

·     12th grade: demonstrates that girls can become architects. Students compete in paper tower building. 

Paper TowerIn each program, we take pre-and post surveys. Statistical analysis of these surveys illustrate the effectiveness of the program as we see female and male students responding in a way that demonstrates their attitudes about STEM are changed afer the workshop.

STEM facilitators are paid for their time in the classroom and receive free training.  They are provided with curriculum and materials and can sign up for opportunities to do workshops, so they can make it fit their schedule.  We are particularly interested in individuals working in STEM fields now and facilitators living in area communities.

STEM workshops are currently presented in surrounding Mankato communities.  If your community is interested in STEM workshops or if you are interested in being a STEM facilitator, email us at