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Greater Mankato Diversity Council

The Greater Mankato Diversity Council (GMDC) exists to enhance the Mankato area’s commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming community through diversity education. Our mission is to provide diversity education as a catalyst for social and economic success. GMDC strives to give people an understanding of diversity and build their cultural competence through Promoting Respect Workshops, multi-cultural activities, diversity events and more.

GMDC's mission is providing diversity education as a catalyst for social and economic success. Three supporting statements focus our mission work within our community. Those three supporting statements are: Global - Preparing our communities for increased global presence and awareness.; Inclusive - Creating an open and safe learning environment in our schools for all students.; Vibrant - Partnering with businesses and industry to create workforce that ensures a healthy economy.

GMDC is a non-profit organization that actively affirms and promotes the full participation of all. GMDC is not an advocate for any particular group or individual. It serves as a resource to all and emphasizes respecting differences.

"One Thousand Peace Cranes"

:Promoting Peace and Unity  

thousand cranes

Origami Project from GMDC


 In the Japanese culture, the crane is a symbol of longevity which can only be achieved through peace. Therefore it has become a tradition in Japan to fold one thousand origami cranes and hang them together (as one sculptural unit/mobile  called 千羽鶴 Senbazuru  in Japanese) to symbolize peace, unity, health and happiness. People from all over the world have folded millions of paper cranes which are currently displayed in the Hiroshima Peace Park at the location where the first atomic bomb was dropped. This park is dedicated to promoting everlasting peace. 


We want to promote respect, tolerance and everlasting peace by inviting everyone in the Mankato area to fold paper cranes in order to create many "one thousand peace cranes sculptures" (Senbazuru) to spread throughout our community thus declaring the Greater Mankato area is united for peace.


 This project was featured in the Mankato Free Press.




GMDC Logo 

Greetings GMDC Friends and Supporters,

Get your tickets TODAY!

Please join us as we unveil to the greater Mankato community our long-term organizational goal of "Respectfully, WE: Discrimination Free by 2030!" This long-term goal includes many community partners from various sectors across the region who are committed to eliminating and/or significantly reducing negative actions based on differences.

The theme for this year's luncheon is "Respectfully, WE" Can!

Melanie Van Roekel will keynote our event with her presentation on why inclusion of all is so vital and necessary to our community.

Now more than ever we must ACT to ensure our community is welcoming. Now more than ever we must STAND for inclusion of all in our community. Now more than ever we must RESPECT each other regardless of differences.

Join your community organization that was created specifically to lead greater Mankato's diversity issues and matters on Thursday, February 21 for our Annual Luncheon at the Kato Ballroom from 11:30a - 1p. (Notice location change from past years)

WE are greater Mankato's asset and resource for diversity and inclusion!

We encourage you to share this invitation with friends and colleagues to help us celebrate another year of:


- Promoting Respect Workshops

- STEM Equity Workshops

- Perspectives Business Curriculum


- Community Inclusion Initiatives

- Corporate & Individual Champions of Diversity

We hope you will join us on February 21 at our annual luncheon at the Kato Ballroom!

- GMDC Staff