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Greater Mankato Diversity Council

The Greater Mankato Diversity Council (GMDC) exists to enhance the Mankato area’s commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming community through diversity education. Our mission is to provide diversity education as a catalyst for social and economic success. GMDC strives to give people an understanding of diversity and build their cultural competence through Promoting Respect Workshops, multi-cultural activities, diversity events and more.

GMDC's mission is providing diversity education as a catalyst for social and economic success. Three supporting statements focus our mission work within our community. Those three supporting statements are: Global - Preparing our communities for increased global presence and awareness.; Inclusive - Creating an open and safe learning environment in our schools for all students.; Vibrant - Partnering with businesses and industry to create workforce that ensures a healthy economy.

GMDC is a non-profit organization that actively affirms and promotes the full participation of all. GMDC is not an advocate for any particular group or individual. It serves as a resource to all and emphasizes respecting differences. GMDC stands for INCLUSION!

WE ARE greater Mankato's resource for diversity, inclusion and equity since 2004!

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The Greater Mankato Diversity Council mourns with our community over the loss of Jessica Flatequal. She was an unabashed advocate for the inclusion of ALL and especially the lifting up of our LGBTQIA campus community at MSU, Mankato as well as the larger LGBTQIA community in greater Mankato.


She worked tirelessly to make our community more welcoming and inclusive. That included assisting the Council in being true to what we said on paper about the inclusion of ALL. Jessica worked with the Council to train our Promoting Respect Workshops facilitators each year who would engage with over 9000 students in area K-12 classrooms on a simple yet important theme, "Respect for ALL regardless of differences". She also helped write and provide guidance on our 10th grade curriculum on "Gender Issues and Sexual Orientation" that we utilize in area private and public schools. Her imprint on our community and the Council is indelible.


Jessica was a force for good, righteousness and justice! She is dearly missed by her wife, Maria Bevacqua, her community and her friends and colleagues. Her legacy of working for the inclusion of ALL will be carried forward by those who she cared for, came into contact with, and encouraged to live their truest selves.


Jessica Flatequal... Thank you for being unafraid to be YOU! This community is better because of YOU. This community and this world direly needs more people like YOU.


YOU are deeply missed.



Please see the Mankato Mortuary link below with details for her Celebration of Life.


There is a GoFundMe page for Jessica Flatequal where you can help with costs to cover the Celebration of Life.